Hello, I'm Kay Hutchinson.
I understand the pain of coming up against blocks that impact every area of your life.
My own blocks drew me to study the ancient energy art of medical qi gong and the Five Elements Healing system over 2,000 years to resolve the very things you are experiencing:
Low energy.
Career blocks. 
Now, with over 17 years as a energy medicine healer and educator, I stand with you shoulder to shoulder to get you to the other side of your blocks and help you stay clear with practical tools that take less than 5-10 minutes to implement and that are easy to integrate into everyday life.
I understand where you are because I was once there--and I am living proof that at age 57, it is possible to live a more vibrant and block-free life that empowers you to thrive, no matter the world circumstances.

I believe that everyone person can heal their energy blocks when we use a system like the Five Elements to regulate our five energy tanks to clear the emotions, habits, and patterns that block our core energies.